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Dr Linda C Winn

Scene and Heard Consultancy

Since opening the doors of my practice in 1997, I have provided people of all ages with a wide range of psychological services. Life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting, but I’m here to guide you through those obstacles. I offer Dramatherapy, EMDR, Clinical Supervision, and student and post graduate mentoring. Currently I am working as a wellbeing Consultant (Psychological Therapies) at Exeter University. At the present time I only have vacancies for online sessions.

“And, when you can't go back, you have to worry only about the best way of moving forward.”

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A Bit About Therapy, Supervision and Student Support

When we meet I will learn a bit about what you want from the services I offer. I will discuss with you whether the most helpful approach would be dramatherapy, EMDR, individual or group work. In the case of mentoring, we will discuss your aspirations. I will provide you information so you can make an informed choice.  My services are tailored to meet your needs.

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Services I Offer


Dramatherapy is a form of psychological therapy in which all of the performance arts are utilized within the therapeutic relationship. Dramatherapists are both artists and clinicians and draw on their trainings in theatre/drama and therapy to create methods to engage clients in effecting psychological, emotional and social changes. The therapy gives equal validity to body and mind within the dramatic context; stories, myths, play texts, puppetry, masks and improvisation are examples of the range of artistic interventions a Dramatherapist may employ. These will enable the client to explore difficult and painful life experiences through an indirect approach (

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Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)

I am fully qualified to offer EMDR. It is a particularly useful therapy for enabling a person to move on from traumatic recall. I have also used EMDR successfully in coaching, to overcome nervousness and negative thoughts. Further information about EMDR can be found at

Clinical Supervision and Mentoring

I am a registered psychotherapy superviser, with many years experience. Sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. Individual and group supervision are offered. There is a discount for learners. 

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Student and post graduate mentoring

My journey through to achieving my PhD was not smooth. I realise the importance of having support through those tough times. If you feel you need help to get to the finishing line, please contact me. My clinical background also means I can help you with psychological problems, such as depression or anxiety, impinging on your studies.


About me

I am registered with the NMC and HCPC. I have extensive experience as a Dramatherapist, Nurse, EMDR Practitioner and Psychotherapy Superviser. I have had the privilege of working with combat veterans and their families and carers for over 35 years. My PhD ‘The Drama of War, the Theatre of Life – Veterans' Perspectives on a Dramatherapy Journey' underlines the importance I give to the individual's own experience of life and therapy.  My doctorate built on my M.Phil: 'Towards a model of dramatherapy for the assessment and treatment of PTSD'.

Publications include: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dramatherapy; Evaluation of the impact and changes to attitudes to military mental health following The Shell Shock Performance; The Warrior’s Journey in Chesner & likou (Eds.)Trauma in the Creative and Embodied Therapies and Experiential Training for Staff in Dokter (Ed.) Arts Therapies and Clients with Eating Disorders 


My Registrations

NMC and HCPC registered

When deciding whether I am able to assist you, it is important you know that I am qualified and insured to treat you. Registration is confirmation of fitness to practice. You can find out more and check my registrations:


Arts Therapist:

  • Portfolio

  • Therapy and supervision

  • Leadership development

  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

  • Clinical Governance

  • Investigations

  • Consultancy

  • Research Consultancy

  • Employee Assistance Programmes



Discount of 10% for students, emergency services workers, military personnel and combat veterans.

  • Consultancy, therapy or supervision: £60.00 per 50 minutes session

  • EMDR: £85.00 per 60-80 minutes session

  • Report writing, attendance at meetings and teleconferences: £50.00 for up to 50 minutes

  • Workshops or research: please contact me to discuss your requirements

  • Travel:  £14.00 per hour

  • Mileage: 50p. per mile

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Your information


Privacy Statement:

Your information is only kept for therapeutic or consultancy purposes. Your information is kept securely, in a locked cabinet for hard copy and password protected and encrypted for electronic data. 

Your personal details will never be shared with a third party, unless you provide consent for me to do so. 

The only exception to this is when I would be required by law to share the information. This would be because yourself or others are considered under threat likely to endanger life. Unless I consider that to inform you would increase this risk, I would explain my intentions and reasons to you. 

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Contact Me

At Scene and Heard Consultancy, your mental health and well-being is important to me. Contact me today to see how I can help you and let’s discuss the range of options at your disposal.

North Cornwall, UK

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